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Limited Social Media Contributions by Corporate Counsel – Why?

Legal industry blogs, industry newsletters, law firm authored content, LinkedIn articles, and more: there’s so much potentially useful information that you can access every day. As an in-house lawyer, how do you decide what to read, who to trust, where to engage, and how to use the information?

A just published survey of in-house counsel by ALM allows you to compare your comfort levels with various sources of information with that of other corporate counsel.

Some highlights of the survey:

  • 71% of lawyers use social media in “listen-only” mode while consuming information, while only 29% use social media to disseminate information and engage with other users;
  • In-house lawyers are most likely to trust traditional news sources and legal news aggregation services; and
  • In-house lawyers log into LinkedIn on average 1x/week and prefer LinkedIn to other social media sites

We are curious about the lack of social media contribution amongst the legal community.  Why is that?  We know that for many of our clients, that’s because of the legal risks perceived in social media contribution.  Is that risk increasing due to the increased corporate pressure on data privacy and security?  How do you personally decide what information to trust?

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