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The Latest Innovation in Enterprise Legal Management

Mitratech announced the release of TeamConnect 4.0 on Monday, and are looking forward to discussing the new features and benefits. Within the first 30 minutes of the official release notice, 14 attendees from 13 client businesses registered for one of two client overview sessions. Today, we have over 48 attendees from more than 32 TeamConnect clients.

Our product management team is getting a lot of questions about the release, and we feel the sessions will answer many of them. Join us at one of two client overview sessions: July 1 from 1-3:00 PM CDT (click here to register) or July 10 from 1-3:00 PM CDT (click here to register).

We will be accepting questions through the Q&A webex feature. Any questions we are unable to answer, due to time, will be answered through follow up correspondence.

If you aren’t a client yet, we look forward to showing you all that TeamConnect has to offer by Requesting a Demo.

As a reminder, the key features of TeamConnect 4.0 are:
• A highly configurable design that that puts the power in your hands and reduces the necessity of complex customizations or calls back to your vendor to make simple changes
• A simple-to-use upgrade toolkit that makes the upgrade process efficient and painless
• A robust API layer that ensures that if you decide to customize the product, customizations will be preserved upon upgrades
• The deepest and most powerful matter management, spend management, e-Billing, legal hold, contract management, and GRC functionality available on one enterprise legal management platform

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