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Interact 2017: Our Partners are Leaders

For the third blog in our Interact series Bree Goodall looks at how the strategic alliances we have formed with our partners plays a critical role to the success of our company.

Here at Mitratech, we are committed to ensuring everything we do is for the benefit of our customers. This is why we’re especially focused on the relationships we have with our partners. For they provide additional value to our business through their unique expertise, which is why each of the partners we work with are true leaders within their fields.

In many cases, these partners are part of the face of Mitratech; you could say they are part of the team on the front lines helping us serve you, our customers. When it comes to our technology partners, they provide comprehensive services that allow us to drive new and exciting solutions to the marketplace such as our recent collaboration with iManage – a leading provider of document and email management solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms – whom we have set up a strategic alliance with to provide a DMS (document management system) connector that enables seamless integration through the TeamConnect interface.

Our relationships with our partners are built to be dynamic and flexible and to stand the test of time, for many have been with us for years and each one of these collaborations ensures we are able to advance your Mitratech solution to achieve the best results for your business. For those reasons, maintaining and developing strong partner relationships is one of Mitratech’s top priorities.

Keeping these relationships strong and mutually beneficial is absolutely critical to our ecosystem and success, which is why once again we have engaged a meaningful group of partners for Interact to provide you and them the opportunity to share goals for the year ahead, preview new products and solutions, and align on our respective strategies.

In all honesty our partners make this event possible, so from us all at Mitratech we thank you for your involvement and invaluable support. Please do take the time out to interact with our partners at Interact (sorry, I couldn’t resist!!) be that during one of their sessions or head on over to their base in the Solutions & Design Center during one of the conference breaks.

All participating sponsors are listed in detail within the program guide, which you can pick up upon registration on Day 1 of the event.

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