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Interact 2017: The Importance of Solutions Center

Day 2 of our 5 days of Interact blogs and Bree Goodall discusses the importance of the event’s Solution Center.

Yesterday I spoke briefly about the Solution Center and gave a slight overview of what you can expect from our one-stop-shop for product demonstrations. Today I thought I’d give you more detail on just how you can make the most of having direct access to our product experts.

For those of you that have never attended an Interact before, the Solution & Design Center is basically a room that is portioned off for those attendees looking to speak with experts on our solutions. Think of it as a mix between a computer lab and an exhibit hall where you can get access to evangelists of our products, who not only offer true insight with enthusiasm, but you can tap into their extensive product knowledge and receive training, demonstrations that can be tailored to your specific needs, get a peek into our new solutions, versions, and modules and live instruction as well as help or guidance for those with lesser experience than others.

When I was chatting away with one of my colleagues the other day I mentioned I was about to write this blog they told me and I quote: “Oh cool, I love the Solutions Center! It is so exciting for us because it allows many of us who work behind the scenes the opportunity to see the impact of our work and to meet our customers plus we get to talk with them and help them.”

Last year, as a newbie to Mitratech I based myself from the Center in order for me to take full advantage of having all these product experts on hand to bring me up to speed with our product offerings. During my time there I was able to speak with a whole host of delegates and garner their thoughts on the Center. One attendee in particular with which I spoke with informed me that he had learnt a lot from spending some time with one of our experts. He told me: “Prior to this event there were a number of areas within the product that we use that I was not aware of and I was looking for the little tricks within the application that I could apply. I was informed of product enhancements that were coming up within the next year that I was not aware of and the team here was really helpful in explaining what these were and how best I could utilize them for my company’s development. I am happy, I learnt a lot today.”

Another delegate that I spoke with told me that the Center had been really helpful for her: “When I started at my company I was thrown into the deep end as there was no one to train me so I had to learn on the job. Coming here has been really helpful because not only can I speak with other people that use the same product as me, but also I have been able to learn more from speaking with the experts within the Center.”

To be totally frank I can’t encourage you enough to use this space between sessions, during meals, or if private instruction would be more valuable then set up a breakout session. Our Center staff are friendly and as I’ve mentioned full of enthusiasm and have all the relevant knowledge and skills to help you. So if you have a query, are scratching your head over something about one of products or you’re simply keen to see what our other offerings are then head on over and one of our “evangelists” will do all they can to help you out.

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