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Interact 2017: Creating Connections… Together!

In today’s Interact blog Bree Goodall talks about how our user conference isn’t just about products it’s also about the power of connecting people.

One of the reasons Mitratech developed Interact was to provide an open forum where our clients can share the type of immediate and invaluable feedback needed for us to develop premier software solutions, as well as to provide the tools and processes our clients need in order to bring a new perspective to their teams, their business, and their day-to-day work.

This is still true, but Interact has grown into so much more than that. It is also a great platform for delegates to network and share their experiences with each other, partners to present on industry best practices, and for clients to learn how to maximize and optimize their investment in Mitratech solutions and services further.

This is why the session content is focused on you and the industries we serve, and why we ensure there are plenty of peer-led sessions, along with industry-leading keynotes and hands-on training. All in the hope that we are creating a forum that is rich in the content that you need… and want!

One of the key takeaways I got from last year’s Interact was that for Mitratech, people are the real power behind our business, be that us employees, our clients or our partners; it’s all about coming together and connecting. Having a forum like Interact means we able to provide valuable “face time” between us, you as our clients and among your peers themselves.

During Interact 2016 I had the opportunity to speak with a number of delegates, and aside from discussions about product enhancements, our move into the GRC realm, eating alligator (I kid you not! It was Florida after all.), networking and connection with peers was a key topic of discussion for us. Attendees liked the fact that they could garner a better understanding of how others worked with our products. One delegate informed me that: “Overall, the conference was a great opportunity to understand what Mitratech has a lot to offer clients. Very informative, and a great chance to network and see how other companies are using the Mitratech cluster of technologies.”

Interact enables our clients to create a more personal, visceral connection with our company and also with each other. It’s this personal connection that is key to what makes Interact an invaluable forum not just for us but also our partners, and most importantly you… our clients.

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