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Increase in Mobile Technology In-House

I wanted to share some recent findings from Corporate Counsel’s 2013 In-house Technology Survey recently published on The article discusses the trend of increased usage of mobile devices among corporate attorneys and highlights both the challenges around information security and the opportunities to increase productivity, especially outside the office.

Overall, corporate legal departments have been slower to adopt mobile technology than most large law firms primarily because a lack of dedicated legal IT support means the specialized systems used by in-house attorneys cannot be accessed or integrated with mobile devices. Overall, corporations are only now implementing structured mobile strategies for employees.

That being said, nearly 30% of corporate attorneys are using mobile devices while traveling, and they are finding mobile devices to be a better on the road solution for e-mail, document viewing, calendaring, and maps. At the same time, capital IT budgets for legal departments are increasing. These two trends may converge and the more specialized mobile solutions used by law firms such as legal research may become more widely distributed and adopted in the coming years.

The challenge around building sound information governance policies remain.  Making sure information on devices can be secured as it may be discoverable, how to make sure security policies for information access persist on mobile devices and how to back that information up, are all very relevant for legal technology providers.  Understanding the corporate IT requirements as well as the tasks that attorneys want to accomplish outside the office are key to developing mobile solutions that the market will increasingly demand.

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