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How Our Clients Have Transformed Their Legal Departments

For many global corporations, the Office of the General Counsel is increasingly going through a period of transformation. Legal and compliance departments are no longer groups involved only when things go wrong; rather, they are now a group tightly integrated in the day-to-day operations of the organization, and a true business partner. This requires legal and compliance groups to collaborate with multiple business units, generate the business intelligence and analytics needed to make informed decisions, and create solid business processes to drive efficiency. Mitratech provides technology to empower the Office of the GC to control risk, manage spend and increase productivity, driving and protecting organizational value.

The greater story is how our clients take that technology and leverage it to solve new problems and challenges. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing three of our clients, Williams, Chevron and AIG, to discuss TeamConnect and how they have used the solution to support the transformation within their respective legal departments. Their stories are each unique and we have created a white paper detailing these stories entitled Transforming Legal: Utilizing Technology to Make the Legal Department the Best-Run Function in the Corporation, to share them with our staff, clients and the market.  We invite you all to download and read this paper, as understanding the use of technology and best practices is one of the most exciting benefits of being with Mitratech.

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