Heating up Miami at Interact 2016 - Mitratech

Heating up Miami at Interact 2016

If you are unfamiliar with Interact, it is our annual user conference, bringing together corporate legal professionals and product experts to share updates, insights, and tools that help our clients better leverage technology. This year’s theme is “Catching the Wave.” There is innovation happening within the entire legal ecosystem, and this wave is transforming what it means to manage legal, risk, and compliance in your organization.

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Interact 2016 got off to a great start in Miami with a keynote address from CEO Jason Parkman. Building on this year’s theme of Catching the Wave, Jason challenged and encouraged attendees to keep an eye on conditions in the market that may become major waves of changes. He also outlined Mitratech’s vision for the convergence of legal, risk, and compliance and shared some highlights from our most productive ever year of software releases.

This year marks the first time we had clients from TeamConnect, eCounsel, Secretariat, Lawtrac, GCD, LawManager, and CaseTrack together at Interact. It was wonderful to see users of different products find common ground on issues; for example, in our UI/UX Town Hall, we learned that user needs around dashboards are consistent across the board. Some clients even took the opportunity to simply learn a little more about other products in the Mitratech portfolio!

Aside from the planned sessions, Interact provides an opportunity for informal knowledge sharing. For example, one question in my session on Collaborati led to an informal conversation with a client and a member of our Professional Services team that will have a meaningful impact on the client’s implementation project. At the Welcome Reception, we learned about a minor product issue that is now being worked on by our engineering team. Meanwhile, in our Solution Design Center, our product experts demonstrated existing and upcoming products for anyone interested.

And of course, any blog post about Interact would be remiss if it didn’t mention FUN! On Monday night, the whole crew headed to Nikki Beach for a Miami Vice party. Leaving aside the professional talk, we enjoyed an evening of dinner and dancing — and I learned that our Chief Growth Officer, Chris Kraft, does a mean electric slide!

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at Interact 2016 with Bree Freeman, Manager of Worldwide Communications. We’re looking forward to bringing together an even larger legal and risk community next year in Scottsdale. Interact 2017, here we come!

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