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Driving Higher User Adoption and Increased Value for Legal Departments Through A Design-Centered Culture

20150317-Line-Graph-for-Design-Blog3According to Sand Hill Research Group, “The most critical factor (70% listed as number 1) for software success and return-on-investment is effective user adoption.” In order for users to adopt software, it must be easy-to-use, intuitive, and visually appealing. This is especially true in the legal industry, where attorneys and other in-house legal professionals don’t have the time to try to use software that doesn’t significantly improve their productivity during the day.

Our Product Management team at Mitratech is focusing on creating a design-centered culture focused on user adoption. We have a belief that everyone is creative, everyone has ideas to improve our products and more importantly, everyone brings a unique perspective to each problem we are trying to solve. The collaborative environment we’ve built with both our clients and our internal partners helps us to continually improve better products for our users, and ultimately drives high legal staff adoption.

The redesign of Lawtrac’s interface elements and user experience has been a top priority for the past year because of our focus on creating a beautifully designed product that is easy to adopt. By reducing the total amount of time it takes for a legal staff member to use Lawtrac to its full capacity, the benefits that the system delivers are increased by 20-40% as users increase adoption and manage their work at a far more rapid pace – reducing the payback period on our client’s investment. Oftentimes, Lawtrac is the first Enterprise Legal Management solution that an organization implements, so delivering an experience that meets the expectations of a modern user is very important. Hyperion Research recently recognized this differentiator by naming Lawtrac as market leader for Service to the Mid-Market, with ease of use identified as the differentiator; we are extremely proud of this recognition.

We’d love to discuss with you best practices and suggestions for increasing user adoption. Contact us to see the completely redesigned Lawtrac.

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