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Creating a Robust Cybersecurity Policy: Legal Department’s Role in Security Strategy

Cybersecurity has been blasting across Legal Technology News (LTN) feeds recently, and with good cause. A simple search on LTN’s website for “cybersecurity” returns more than 20 results in April alone. A recent article by Chris DiMarco addresses Mayer Brown’s survey “Perspectives on Cybersecurity and Its Legal Implications”, released on April 8, 2015, shows that 63% of executives and corporate counsel considered the disclosure of personally, identifiable information as the biggest cyber-related threat to their companies.

The answers to security challenges are yet to be determined. Some strategies focus on preventative controls to keep unauthorized users from gaining access to the network while others focus on trapping uninvited guests once they do gain access. One thing is undeniable: companies cannot ignore the issue as damages experienced by some companies are in excess of $100 million.

The Inside Counsel article “Cybersecurity becoming a pervasive part of legal culture”, highlights the need for “improving cybersecurity education for corporate lawyers… Experts interviewed suggested that training should encompass both the legal and technical aspects of cybersecurity, to enable lawyers to ask the right questions of IT professionals.” Mitratech’s Security team recommends the following resources to help guide your strategy, as well as stay up-to-date on trends and discussions:


The US Government National Institute of Standards & Technologies – Security Vulnerabilities Database
US Computer Emergency Readiness Team

LinkedIn Groups:

Information Technology Audit and Governance Group (Focused around IT, Security, Audit, and GRC)
Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Discussion Forum

Thought Leadership:

The Legal Department’s Role in Mitigating Data Privacy Risk


InformationWeek Dark Reading

Several recognizable companies have had their names thrust into the spotlight lately, and not in the way they want. As noted in Mitratech Security’s Thought Leadership article “The Legal Department’s Role in Mitigating Data Privacy Risk” in Corporate Counsel, “A system is only as strong as the sum of its parts… Businesses, and legal departments in particular, that adapt their practices, processes and technology to this evolving landscape will be better positioned to meet stricter data privacy requirements and more effectively win market share.” The security discussion is one Mitratech is actively involved in. We would love to discuss how implementing a strategic and robust security model will benefit not only your legal department, but your entire company.

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