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Corporate Counsel and Social Media

As a marketer, I take social media as a given. I interact with social media daily for reasons both personal and professional: to keep in touch with friends and family, hear what my favorite band is up to, find reviews of products and services, or to see the latest content from marketing and industry thought leaders. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Wikipedia: the number of channels for social engagement is growing, as is the number of reasons to engage.

All of this is obvious. What was not obvious to me, but probably should have been, is that in-house counsel use social media in many of the same ways! A recent study commissioned by Inside Counsel provides some insight into the social activity of in-house counsel. According to the study, in-house counsel who do not use social media are in the minority – only twenty-three percent. Sixty-seven percent of those polled said they had used LinkedIn in the past 24 hours or past week.

What is more interesting than the number of inside counsel using social media is how they are using it. Besides LinkedIn, blogs are a big source of information for inside counsel, with fifty-three percent saying they could “envision a future in which a well-executed blog will influence hiring decisions.” Additionally, Wikipedia has become a go-to source of information on companies and industries.

The National Law Journal has a great article summarizing more of the key findings from the survey here. The article also includes a link to download the full report.

How are you and your legal department using social media?

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