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Client Success at Mitratech

Client Success isn’t just a department, it’s a mindset and responsibility for every role in a company, from engineering to sales to support. Products are developed with the customer in mind, from start to finish. A system can be configured and customized, checking off every item on your wish list. But, without a thorough understanding and adoption from its users, the true value will never be realized.

This is where client success as a department comes in. At Mitratech, client success advisors are completely dedicated to proactive strategies to help clients fully utilize and realize the most value possible from their systems. Our goal is to provide best practices and guidance from implementation and beyond.

It starts with onboarding and change management. A McKinsey study on forty major projects found that ROI went from 35% to 143% when an effective change management program was a part of the implementation process. Making a major change in processes is one of the most challenging aspects of adopting a new software. It’s critical that every user understands how the change will make their jobs more efficient in the future to get through the initial frustrations of starting a new process. When a company has transparent and clear communication with users about the benefits and reasons for change, employees are likely to be more perceptive to learning. Client success has a toolbox of tips and tricks to get employees over that hump so they can start realizing all the benefits of their new products. (Don’t miss the “Onboarding Best Practice” session at Interact 2017!) This process applies to upgrading product versions as well. We help clients understand if an upgrade makes sense for their business practices and if so, help them utilize & adopt the new features and functionality.

This process doesn’t end after the implementation cycle is over. Once a company has taken ownership of their software, we provide regular opportunities to find more value and help users work more efficiently. Through quarterly operational and product webinars, monthly tips and tricks, and annual Best Practice forums, there are convenient and easy ways to always stay up-to-date and encourage users to improve their procedures. These avenues also allow us to create a client community, where users can collaborate and learn from each other’s processes. During our most recent quarterly legal operations webinar, clients listened in on advice from top legal operations departments on AFA’s (Alternative Fee Arrangements), communicating vendor guidelines, and advice on reducing outside counsel spend. Webinars give clients the ability to participate in discussion and best practices and give instant feedback on topics that are most important to them.

Building a database of easily accessible resources in our Client Success Center is another way users can find instructional materials 24/7. Our Client Success Center houses a growing database of quick how-to videos, previous instructional webinars, as well as frequently asked questions.

By taking full advantage of the client success resources offered at Mitratech, clients can realize the full value and potential of their software. They might even find value in a feature they didn’t know existed. Success for our team is when we can help the legal department truly become the best-run function in the organization.

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