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Building a Better User Community

Last week I attended our Regional User Group in Houston which I personally felt was a huge success. The session was well attended, with over 25 clients representing 10 corporations, meeting for a day of presentation and collaborative discussion. Some of the folks have been with us for 10+ years, while others are brand new, but I felt like everyone benefited from hearing about each others’ experiences. Collaboration is the key to solving complex business problems, and I truly believe that if you put a group of smart people with varying backgrounds and levels of exposure in a room together, good things are going to come of it.

As a product manager, these interactions are invaluable. Being able to hear firsthand what is working for our clients and what their major pain points are informs our product strategy and lays the groundwork for what we do. Additionally, the group setting provides our clients, who are the leaders and innovators in the field of legal technology, to discuss and learn from each other to continue to improve their processes and receive the most value from their technology investments. Everyone benefitted from learning about how other clients in the same community have done a variety of things, from implementing a data retention policy, issuing and tracking legal holds, to instituting a knowledge management strategy.

Hearing that others are dealing with the same issues that you are can be reassuring. Finding out someone else has solved a problem in a way you’d never thought about can pay tremendous dividends, and I am excited to be a part of a community that is so willing to share best practices.

Check our events calendar to find a user group near you!

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