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An Exclusive Peek Into the Best Practice Forums

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From User Groups to Best Practice Forums

We just wrapped up our annual Spring series of client gatherings around the US and in the UK. The number of products—and clients—we have today is quite different from even a couple years ago, so we decided to change things up this year. Our former Regional User Groups revolved around a single product, and have transformed into Best Practice Forums. Instead of focusing on software, it’s about connecting with your peers, sharing tips and techniques, and having an open conversation about challenges. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights and common themes from this year’s BPFs.

It was exciting to see the open sharing of knowledge from such a diverse set of attendees. I saw new connections made between people in similar roles or industries who might not otherwise have ever met because they are using different products. Even veteran clients who have used our products for many years picked up new tips or technical tricks from the broad and diverse group of BPF attendees.

“Unconference” breakout sessions were a new addition this year that generated tons of great in-depth discussions. Attendees suggested and voted on topics at the beginning of the meeting before splitting out into smaller groups based on which got the most votes. While topics varied by region, there were a number of themes common across most of the groups:

  • A shared interest to maximize user adoption was displayed across clients of all sizes and industries. Document management continues to confound with perhaps the single biggest hurdle being getting users to put files in the systems in the first place (Microsoft Office plugins integrated to your DMS of choice is a big help here).
  • Reporting in general is still a hot topic with an increasing shift towards analytics and big data exploration tools.

In many BPFs, we devoted special time at the end of the unconference breakout sessions for a discussion with the full group. Perhaps the most-discussed topic was upgrading to the latest version of the respective matter management systems, particularly TeamConnect. The Best Practice Forums are purpose-built for our clients to engage with each other, share knowledge, and pave the road for future legal innovators. As Product Manager for TeamConnect, I have already taken some of the feedback I heard to incorporate into our product roadmap discussions. Our clients are eager to continue the conversations and build upon new relationships at Interact, our annual user conference this September in Miami.

For those of you who have yet to join the Mitratech family, please contact us to get the conversation started!

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