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Benefits of Being an Engaged User

Mitratech’s mission is to make your legal department the best-run function in your corporation, and part of the process of getting there is being involved within your community. Being an active and engaged user or member of your community will result in many things, including an expanded breadth of knowledge of the product. We’ve all bought something and used it how we thought best; but it wasn’t until we talked with other users, read online postings, or looked up information in forums that we realized there was so much more to it than what we were utilizing. That is why Mitratech’s programs are built with the users, community, and your legal department in mind.

One of Mitratech’s newest and most popular offering is our Regional Solution Consultant (RSC) Program. The RSCs are there to make sure clients understand how they are using TeamConnect and help them discover parts in which they are not using to the fullest extent. Through monthly webinars and meetings, all of which are free, clients have a consistent contact informing them about new features, explaining the benefits, and answering their questions.  Engaged clients who take advantage of the RSCs receive more one-on-one, personal attention when they want to know about upcoming trainings, releases, and more.

User groups are another key program in which to be involved so that you and your team can become legal rock stars. This is an opportunity for avid users and experts to come together and share best practices, show off newly implemented modules and how they’re adding value, and most importantly, learn from each other. Mitratech coordinates these meetings for almost ten groups, primarily based on region, and they are entirely client-led. This ensures that the agenda stays focused on what clients want to hear and keeps the format to be more of a discussion, less of a presentation.

Always make sure you’re staying active and engaged in the programs offered to you. Whether you’re learning from a peer or Mitratech employee, it’s insight you didn’t have before. And the benefits are in the ROI.

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