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Behind the interview with The Independent Order of Foresters

Foresters-socialI have a background in educational administration. I often remember the feelings of frustration as my school grew larger, and we outgrew our system of tracking enrollments, tuition, and pertinent student data in numerous spreadsheets. I was tasked to find a solution to automate our processes, and gain more visibility into our operations to prove our profitability to the board of education.  Because of this experience, I thoroughly enjoy speaking with our clients who have found that level of success with Mitratech.

Case studies are a great way to showcase innovative ways that clients have utilized their matter management and e-Billing solutions to transform their legal operations, and consistently prove their value as a vital function in the organization.

When I sat down with Shelley Wilson, Senior Manager of Legal Operations and Support at The Independent Order of Foresters, I was incredibly impressed with the vision she had for this global life insurance company. She realized that vision by building tools that paved the road for where she wanted the company to be in the future.

Foresters began their journey toward operational excellence over fifteen years ago by selecting Mitratech’s Secretariat entity management solution to manage their corporate records. Replacing a century-old system, Foresters was able gain visibility that was unattainable prior to Secretariat. “We have seen time savings mostly, but time is money,” said Wilson.

Because of the success she found with Secretariat, when she began to think of new ways to innovate her legal department in a similar fashion, Wilson felt compelled to seek other Mitratech solutions for enterprise legal management. As Wilson recalls, “we built eCounsel, not for where we are today, but where we want to be in the future.”

To read more about how Foresters built a community of operational excellence through legal technology, download the case studies here.

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