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Attending Texas Lawyer’s In-House Counsel Summit

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the In-House Counsel Summit presented by Texas Lawyer right here in our hometown of Austin, Texas.

Jason Parkman, our CEO, delivered a presentation outlining the key findings in our recently published whitepaper, “Moving Matters In-House: How Technology Enables Legal In-Sourcing”. We received a lot of good feedback on the value and relevance of the presentation, and we were also able to get some general feedback on what is top of mind for in-house legal departments. As a product manager, collecting this type of unbiased, non-product specific feedback is absolutely invaluable to understand the needs of the market. We are fortunate as a company to have an incredible, engaged and passionate client base who regularly provides thoughtful product feedback, but it’s somewhat less often we can have such in-depth, candid conversations with non-clients. In my mind, this is what makes these events so valuable.

One of my favorite presentations from the day was “Want to be my friend?”, a presentation on e-discovery and social media from Kroll Ontrack. Very little in the social media world is considered privileged, and nearly all of it is discoverable, so understanding and controlling this information is incredibly important for corporations and individuals alike.  Did you know 51% of the U.S. population has an active Facebook page? And it’s not just for the younger generations anymore—over 10 million U.S. members are over the age of 65.

A full list of the presentations from In-House Counsel Summit and links to download them can be found here.


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