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Acting as a Change Agent to Drive International Legal Operations

I recently had the good fortune to be able to talk with a number of clients regarding the challenges they face when looking to implement legal operations programs on a global scale. We were able to spend time finding out what has made them successful and something that rose to the top for nearly everyone was the notion of change management and how crucial it was to facilitate success with the tools and processes they implement for teams and partners across the globe.

Maintaining flexibility when looking to expand operations outside the United States is key to setting yourself up for success.  Just because a process has been implemented doesn’t mean that the same type of success can be realized by simply expanding the reach of that process. Teams must be adaptable to differing global requirements and be sure to gain by in from key stakeholders to ensure that they don’t end up with poor adoption or disparate ways of doing business.

Not being willing to drive the change necessary can put you at risk of ending up in a non-ideal end state. We’ve found that for those who have been successful, having tools and process that enable the needed level of flexibility and are able to grow and scale to the needs of large, global teams is a great benefit. Two key areas to focus on are managing legal spend on a global level and then also the business process and collaboration that comes along with corporate legal teams working in counties across the world, with outside counsel who are also in various global locations. While you may find yourself at different points in the globalization curve when it comes to legal operations, as many of our clients do, the business you support has no doubt not waited to expand. In order to best serve the needs of the organization, we believe that acting as a change agent will be central to facilitating a successful roll out of internal legal operations all over the world.

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