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ACC New Orleans Final Day Recap

It’s a privilege to be able to represent Mitratech at the Association of Corporate Counsel Conference this year in New Orleans. We’ve had a great time catching up with clients, listening to some of them talk about how they’ve become a best-run function during the sessions, and meeting folks who we hope to welcome to the Mitratech family very soon. The ACC event is great for bringing together the in-house community and it is an honor to be able to participate and absorb all the knowledge that attorneys and operations teams across the industry are sharing.

In attending sessions throughout, I got to learn about the potential impacts of the looming EU Data Privacy regulations and the impact recent news such as the “right to be forgotten” are having on the draft articles. These new regulations will no doubt shake up the legal and technology space, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on the outcome, which I am told not to expect before late 2015. Just recently here on the Mitratech blog, my colleague Martin Goulet wrote about the impact of the current directives and how important they are to consider when managing risk. These new provisions will surely put in to place a number of impactful changes for both legal and compliance professionals to think about as the look to support their increasingly global businesses.

I also had the benefit of listening to a few of our own clients talk about the success they’ve seen in creating a fully (or near fully) paperless legal office with good process, visionary leadership, strong people and great tools like TeamConnect. I spend my afternoon learning about three different alternative fee arrangement programs put in place by various heads of litigation and then listened to a compelling discussion about how big data and analytics is having an impact on the legal community. The room seemed to agree that data analytics are the future. We finished off the evening with a little fun at the Mitratech tailgate with great participation from the legal community and as a result of their alumni’s excellent corn hole prowess (the bean bag toss game!), the University of Illinois and George Washington University will receive $500 donations to their law schools. All in all a great event, and I look forward to more great sessions this morning and at ACC Boston 2015.

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