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A Culture of Safety

If an injury occurred today in your workplace, who would be the responsible party? The employee for not paying attention, the supervisor for not providing the proper training, or the mechanic for not inspecting the machine correctly? If you answered anything but “everyone,” you’re not wrong, but you’re also not completely right.

Safety in any workplace is the responsibility of everyone that works at the organization. Just in our example you can see how far reaching one incident can be in within an organization. It’s completely possible and normal for multiple departments to be involved when someone within an organization gets hurt. This creates challenges when trying to communicate exactly what happened and how it happened. Today, as many organizations move into the 21st century with technology, they find themselves faced with the same dilemmas. How do we track all of the information across so many departments and individuals? How do we hold people accountable for doing their part in a timely manner? How do we most effectively communicate what our company’s stance on safety is?

It is important to realize that whatever a company’s ideology is around safety, it needs to come from the top down. The leaders of the company need to create that message and firmly stand by it. With a trickledown effect, naturally a shift will occur to align how the entire company thinks about safety. As this shift occurs, companies would naturally start to want to better track incidents, training, inspections, and other organizational risks. Enter technology.

By implementing a software solution, a leadership team can better facilitate where to invest company resources to create a safer workplace. Adding technology eases the burden of all of the questions that we mentioned before that companies continue to struggle with. The software allows for the capture of data from those employees that work in dangerous environments all the up allowing the individuals driving the safety culture to analyze how to better prevent future incidents. Is your company doing everything it can right now to make sure that every employee understands what the standard of safety is within the organization?

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