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6 Security Questions to Ask Software as a Service Vendors

software as a service vendorsCorporate legal departments possess a large amount of sensitive data—from legal matters, to contracts, to intellectual property—which must be safeguarded from cyber attacks. Several high-profile breaches have occurred recently, resulting in access to classified government data, confidential employee data and personal consumer financial data. These acts are usually thought to be perpetrated by a highly organized network of cyber criminals using sophisticated, high-tech techniques. Instead, most security breaches originate through what security experts call “social hacking”—like a seemingly innocuous phishing email sent to a low-level employee at a major company. Opening such an email or clicking on a link within one could create serious vulnerability unless proper security measures are in place.

Legal departments must therefore ask the right questions when considering a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider to store and protect their company’s sensitive legal data. The right provider will understand exactly where the biggest threats come from and how to use layers of security to safeguard against those threats.

Learn about such critical security standards, such as the SOC 2 audit, HIPAA compliance and the SIEM Program, and why you must ensure that the software as a service vendor you choose can offer them to bolster your defenses against cyber threats.

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