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Impressions from ACC Legal Ops

Having just returned from the 3rd annual ACC Legal Ops meeting in Chicago, I was struck not only by how this event continues to grow and evolve, but the focus of the event on how legal operational professionals can leverage their roles to align strategy and planning to both the evolving role of the General […]

Mitratech Creates a Strategic Framework for EHS Execution

The increase in legislation in the last half century has brought about new compliance and regulatory concerns for businesses. Organizations need to be comfortable and proficient at both managing and monitoring existing regulations that are in place, as well as preparing for upcoming legislations and business changes that will impact the future. Environmental, Health and […]

Legal Operations for Departments of Every Size

Legaltech News recently published an article on Legal Department Operations featuring Google and the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) that highlights some of the challenges facing legal departments and how they are utilizing innovation, technology and best practice sharing to meet these challenges. Although these companies are large and have more resources than most legal […]

Transformation in Legal Services and Impact on Corporate Legal

Forbes contributor David Parnell recently submitted an article in which he interviewed Richard Susskind entitled “Moses to the Modern Law Firm”. For those not familiar with Richard Susskind, he has worked in the legal technology industry for over 30 years, is the author of numerous books, has advised major firms and national governments, and currently […]

Notes from an Interview on Legal Matter Management with the ABA

Mitratech’s marketing team recently had the pleasure of discussing legal matter management with Jarisse Sanborn and Mike Gadson, the General Counsel and Law Office Manager for the American Bar Association. We all know about the tremendous work that the ABA does to provide the legal community with benefits, services, and programs that promote development and […]

Building the Business Case for Legal Technology Investment

Obtaining an understanding of the return on investment (ROI) that technology can bring to a corporate legal department is key to creating buy-in for the investment. Implementing a legal management system, including matter management and e-Billing, is a big decision for any enterprise, as it represents a change in the day-to-day operations of both the […]

The Latest Innovation in Enterprise Legal Management

Mitratech announced the release of TeamConnect 4.0 on Monday, and are looking forward to discussing the new features and benefits. Within the first 30 minutes of the official release notice, 14 attendees from 13 client businesses registered for one of two client overview sessions. Today, we have over 48 attendees from more than 32 TeamConnect […]

How Our Clients Have Transformed Their Legal Departments

For many global corporations, the Office of the General Counsel is increasingly going through a period of transformation. Legal and compliance departments are no longer groups involved only when things go wrong; rather, they are now a group tightly integrated in the day-to-day operations of the organization, and a true business partner. This requires legal […]