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Thoughts on the General Counsel Excellence Report

The recent “General Counsel Excellence Report” published by The Global Legal Post has reconfirmed some findings we have been seeing in the corporate legal field for the past couple of years. Two findings stand out from the report; the first is that the top issue for general counsel, especially in large global firms, remains the […]

Legal Departments discuss their approach to Regulatory Compliance

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel of regulatory compliance and corporate legal professionals at the NLJ Regulatory Forum in Chicago. My panelists were representative of the audience: both large and highly regulated companies (United Airlines and Target Stores) and smaller businesses (Alliant Credit Union). All were there to both learn and […]

Governance Issues facing General Counsel

A recent article in Corporate Counsel raises some interesting points about the nature of governance risks and specific ways that corporate legal organizations can protect themselves against these risks. In my view, the most interesting observation from this article is that the biggest risk factor for general counsels in this area isn’t what they do […]

Optimizing Risk in Records Management

A recent article by Inside Counsel, A Matter of Management, Part I, calls attention to a challenge being faced by legal teams around the world, especially those that do business in multiple jurisdictions: how do you balance the requirement to comply with disparate record retention policies, while minimizing risk related to e-discovery? Walking the balancing […]