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TeamConnect 6 Release Overview

Mitratech is pleased to announce the availability of TeamConnect 6.   Now, our award-winning legal management platform features full Integration with TAP Workflow Automation, a new Business Intelligence module, and deeper Microsoft® Office integration enhancing collaboration and reporting for legal operations. Mitratech will be showcasing  TeamConnect 6 and other future innovations during dedicated sessions at […]

Mitratech Launches Latest TeamConnect ELM Innovations at Interact

Full Integration of TAP Workflow Automation, New Business Intelligence Module and Deeper MS Office Integration Enhance Collaboration and Reporting Austin, Texas (Sept. 24, 2018) — Mitratech released the next version of TeamConnect at Interact, the company’s customer-focused annual event in Austin. The latest version of the award-winning ELM platform now includes: Full Integration with TAP Workflow […]

What is Spend Management?

We’ve written the guide on legal spend management. Now you can get it for free! Our experts put together this informative, helpful and detailed guide on what spend management is and how it helps in corporate legal. In it, you’ll uncover valuable insights into: What exactly spend management means for Legal. The current challenges faced […]

TAP User Group Meeting

We’re excited to invite you to the next TAP user group session on Wednesday, September 26th at 2:40pm CT, happening live at Interact 2018, Mitratech’s annual client conference. If you are not attending the conference in person, you can still participate in the next TAP user group session by registering using the form below. In this session, […]

Practicing What We Pitch: How Mitratech is Implementing TAP Workflow Automation

We don’t just talk about TAP Workflow Automation – we use it! Learn how it’s helped transform our business in this free case study. Replete with insights from in-house users, witness how TAP Workflow Automation helped modernize and streamline Mitratech’s processes, improve efficiencies and drastically reduce approval times required for purchasing new software. In it, […]

What is Matter Management?

We’ve written the definitive guide on matter management. Now get it for free! Our experts put together this informative and thorough guide to help you explore what matter management means and why corporate legal departments are turning to software solutions to handle this core need. In this free download, you’ll uncover valuable insights about: What […]

Five Building Blocks of Effective Policy Management

We wrote the guide on effective policy management. Now get it for free! Our experts put together a complete, informative guide for building an effective policy management program. Download this free guide to explore how you can improve your policy management program. In it, you’ll uncover valuable insights about: A current (ineffective) approach to policy […]

Keesal, Young & Logan and Mitratech Announce TAP Workflow Automation Partnership with the Launch of Keesal Propulsion Labs

New York (Aug. 14, 2018) — Keesal, Young & Logan (KYL) and Mitratech announced today the TAP Workflow Automation partnership to help a greater number of legal professionals quickly implement standardization and compliance across a wide range of legal processes, starting with KYL’s own clients. But it doesn’t stop there. The partnership has resulted in […]