Legal Contract Management Software for Corporations


A legal contract lifecycle management solution must track electronic submissions, manage documents, support negotiation and revision, record approvals, and issue reminders of milestones and dates. Mitratech's business process management engine can handle all of these needs. Lack of collaboration among business units can slow work, leading to lost time and revenue. Our unified approach to contract management helps attorneys work together as strategic partners to the rest of the organization.

Contract Management




TeamConnect delivers a one-stop solution for creating, managing, and leveraging contracts throughout the enterprise.

  • Wizards create a consistent format for contracts and documents, which become easily accessible and searchable, with links to related matters.
  • Each contract is fully integrated into the legal management system, streamlining workflow between legal and other business units.
  • Microsoft Office suite integration allows attorneys to work on contracts in MS Word, then tie them seamlessly into matter and document management solutions. The result: version control and an auditable trail of all changes.
  • Fully searchable clause libraries makes it easy to reuse proven language and avoid duplicating effort.
  • TeamConnect facilitates workflow and notifications around key dates, milestones, and renewals throughout the contract lifestyle.

Read how Trinity Health configured its powerful, flexible contract management solution using TeamConnect.


Lawtrac’s collaborative, easy-to-use contract management solution is ideal for legal staff dealing with a high volume of transactional matters.

  • A self-service portal for business users submitting contracts takes collaboration to the next level. Once a contract is submitted, all relevant information is ready for the associated staff attorney.
  • Centralized document management makes it easy for attorneys to review and compare prevailing contract language and terms, track previous negotiations and amendments, and access and compare terms of multiple contracts.
  • Business users can check for updates, reducing inquiries to the legal team.
  • Teams can track key dates and send automated notifications, ensuring time to approve contracts and review renewals – and protecting revenue.

Read how the American Bar Association has seen benefits in their contract entry, tracking, and visibility after implementing Lawtrac.

“Processing more than 1,600 contracts a year – often from the same supplier for multiple locations – checking the status of an agreement, or retrieving an executed copy from paper files can be tedious and time consuming. Using Lawtrac, we can tell at a glance the status of a contract, know where to find the paper file, and quickly send scanned copies of signed agreements to the requesting party.”
Brian L. Johnston