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Mitratech’s PolicyHub consistently delivers a complete, cost effective, and measurable policy management solution. From creating, updating, approving and communicating policies to automated knowledge assessments, audit and reporting, PolicyHub gives an organization the program it needs to demonstrate corporate responsibility and a defensible compliance program, reducing the risk of breaches and heavy fines while making the policy compliance function more efficient.


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Organizations that select PolicyHub as their enterprise policy management solution might need to manage anything from employment procedures, such as employee conduct, attendance, and substance abuse, to policies for specific regulations, such as Anti Money Laundering or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. They may be in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, insurance, energy and healthcare, where the volume of policies to manage to quickly become onerous and overwhelming. All of these needs, across industries, can be handled using a single unified approach.

How PolicyHub solved similar challenges for our clients

Organizations face a daunting challenge in making sure that policies and procedures are consistently communicated, understood, and attested to by employees. Keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and interpreting the impact these regulations have on the business is a significant effort. The time spent communicating and tracking the resulting policies makes teams inefficient while the average cost of policy breeches and non-compliance continues to rise.

PolicyHub manages the communication of policies with ease. It ensures the right policies and procedures get to the right people, that they become accountable by attesting to them, and that the entire process is recorded and auditable. Administrators can see and demonstrate which policies have been communicated to whom, who has read and agreed to them, and even look into how departments or individuals are performing in terms of acceptance and understanding. Our clients have consistently reduced the number of policy violations and breeches, driving savings to the entire organization while greatly reducing the staff time spent managing the policy lifecycle.

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By creating a defensible policy program, organizations are able to easily manage the approval, distribution, and reporting on compliance rates for any specific policy. This allows companies to stay ahead of the curve, transforming from reactive event-driven policy management to a proactive program that protects company revenue and is aligned with the organization’s strategic goals.

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Whether driven by tightening regulations and standards, the need to effectively communicate and manage critical policies to avoid liability and reputational damage, or just the requirement to reduce costs and increase efficiency, PolicyHub can help:

  • Make policies and procedures a proactive part of your culture, where employees can easily access and understand how policies improve business results
  • Deliver policies via a simple web-based experience that employees find intuitive and non-disruptive to their daily responsibilities
  • Communicate policies with an interface in multiple languages to keep up with your growing international needs, and easily target policies for specific employees through integration with your HR directory
  • Create detailed reporting in real-time, and respond and react to investigations or audits instantly
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies and the cost of compliance