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What is PolicyHub?


PolicyHub is a best-in-class policy management solution that enterprises depend on to simplify the complexities of managing and communicating policies and procedures.

Designed to simplify and streamline policy management, our powerful, automated, and intuitive built-in tools make it simple for you to:

  • Create, approve and communicate policies
  • Enable intelligent distribution, knowledge assessments and reporting
  • Save time and improve efficiency
  • Give your organization the defensible program it needs to demonstrate corporate responsibility – and reduce its compliance risks

Download the PolicyHub brochure here.

Why Do Our Clients Love PolicyHub?


It’s easy.

No really, it’s easy. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to configure, easy to train, easy to deploy and easy to prove to auditors afterwards. Without extra vendor support.

Our clients agree:

“PolicyHub is a powerful tool….It makes policy and procedure communication easy and reporting to auditors, regulators and the Board of Directors simple and straightforward.”

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It pays off.

With PolicyHub, companies can:

  • Cut your costs of noncompliance by more than 60%
  • Reduce the number of noncompliance incidents by up to 20%
  • Save up to 25% of staff time spent managing, delivering and reporting on policies
  • Decrease managerial time spent chasing down noncompliant employees by up to 75% 

It even makes your job easier.

PolicyHub’s built-in features give you exceptional tools for reaping the rewards of proactive, cost-effective policy management.

How? By:  

  • Improving operational efficiencies – PolicyHub’s workflow automation tools replace time-intensive manual processes with automated processes and notifications, reducing human error and delays.
  • Streamlining policy and procedure management Automate renewal, approval and distribution processes and quickly generate reports to prove compliance.  
  • Building an ethical and defensible compliance programEnsure employees receive the policies they need and capture a full audit trail for each policy, including attestations and acknowledgements.
  • Reducing potential for reputational damageAvoid or reduce litigation and reputational damage due to breaches of policies by always presenting employees with the right policy at the right time.
  • Mitigating riskUse automated reporting to enable early risk assessments and responses and improve proactive disclosure of policy violations. Enhance your ability to respond quickly and provide a complete audit trail.

What Industries Does PolicyHub Work Best In?


Quite frankly, every industry. Every single industry requires policy and procedure management,  whether highly regulated or not. Every organization has their own requirements for managing their various policies and procedures – whether motivated by regulatory compliance, business process improvements, or some combination of both.

Here are some of the most-represented client industries we serve:  

  1. Energy and Utilities
  2. Financial
  3. Insurance
  4. Law Firms
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Retail

Don’t see your industry on the list? Don’t let it lure you into a false sense of security – chances are, you still need some type of policy management to cover your assets.

One reason every industry needs policy and procedure management is because many areas organizations need to develop policies for and educate employees on are not specific to one single industry.

Sexual harassment, social media rules of engagement, and data protection are current and relevant examples of hot topics today that are applicable to any industry.

Whatever policy you need to communicate, PolicyHub can deliver it.

Are you ready to:

  • Increase the maturity of your compliance program?
  • Minimize the risk of breaches?
  • And put yourself in the best, most defensible position should a breach occur?

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