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Policy Management

Whether it’s policies, procedures, guidelines, or handbooks, policy information is often lost, duplicated, or difficult to find on internal systems. Historical methods of policy management are no longer adequate in today’s regulated environment.

Policy Management

“We had a whole range of policies we needed to communicate and track, from anti-money laundering directives to policies addressing new legislation. But it wasn’t uncommon, 6 to 9 months after issuing a policy, to still be chasing staff to sign and return the documents.”

– Business Services Manager, International Auto Services Corporation

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, but they can also represent the highest risk to the company’s future. Over 60% of all policy breaches come from employees, many of which are not even aware of the breach, and the consequences can be enormous. Mitratech’s comprehensive Policy Management solution allows organizations to create, review, distribute, and report on policies throughout their lifecycle; increasing awareness to avoid costly incidents and fines due to breaches of policy, protecting the organization’s revenue and reputation.

How policy management solved similar challenges for our clients

Policies and Procedures are part of a larger Risk Management strategy; in fact their creation and purpose is to act as a control and mitigate identified risks to an organization. Mitratech’s complete policy management solution will enable policy teams to increase awareness, gain agreement and buy-in from employees, and decrease the cost of non-compliance by greater than 60%. By creating a defensible compliance program, our clients are ahead of the curve, transforming from reactive event driven policy management to proactive organizational excellence with a consistent results.

Read more about how to build a defensible program in The Five Critical Stages of Policy Management.

Our policy management solution creates a single source of truth where compliance professionals can establish policies and procedures, deploy them to the employee staff, affirm acceptance and test understanding, and report on results. As a business grows in size and complexity, our policy management solution ensures that the compliance team has the necessary tools to continue to provide value to the organization. We can help fulfill the compliance demands of an organization with an accurate, consistent and collaborative software solution that is incredibly easy for employees to use and for administrators to implement and manage:

  • Reduce staff time by creating a single source of truth for policies and procedures
  • Set up as many levels of review and approval as needed, ensuring all steps are followed prior to the release of a policy
  • Deliver policy management in staff’s language of choice, breaking down the communication barrier of delivering policies in multiple geographies
  • Provide staff with browser-based access to only the latest version of the document within their personal library
  • Run detailed audit trails and management reporting on policy agreement and understanding, identify compliance deficiencies and mitigate risk