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Legal Matter Management

Your legal department needs an enterprise legal management solution that can be relied upon as the system of record and single source of truth both now and in the future. Mitratech’s trusted, comprehensive, and flexible matter management and e-Billing solutions grow and evolve with your legal department as market forces and challenges change. We provide the solutions to efficiently manage your legal department and demonstrate legal’s value to your organization by driving down costs, collaborating more efficiently as a business partner, and protecting the organization from risk.

Legal Matter Management

How legal matter management solved similar challenges for our clients

Your legal department is under ever-increasing scrutiny to be the best-run department in your organization. You’re under pressure to control spend and maintain work quality even as your business grows, gain visibility into your entire legal department, and drive more high-value work from your attorney staff.

A unified matter management and legal e-Billing solution is essential for corporate legal departments trying to manage budgets, reduce outside counsel costs, and gain insight into legal spend and trends across business units both domestically and globally.

General Counsel
You need full visibility into every aspect of your organization’s legal concerns—from the big picture to the minute details. Mitratech’s solutions can help by:

  • Assessing performance, improving spend management, and demonstrating the value of the legal department to the executive team and board
  • Predicting and mitigating risk with deep operational insight and intelligence

Legal Operations Director
It’s your job to ensure the legal department runs efficiently and profitably. Mitratech’s solutions can help by:

  • Delivering operational insights that quantify and validate the legal department’s performance via consolidation and centralization, real-time budget tracking and reporting, and critical collaboration tools
  • Empowering your team to do their best work, more efficiently and accurately than ever before

Attorneys & Paralegals
You need to be incredibly efficient to avoid drowning in a never ending deluge of daily tasks. Mitratech’s solutions can help by:

  • Helping you find the materials you need quickly and easily, with consolidated and centralized records and fast document search and retrieval
  • Improving decision making by analyzing the data, and increase the speed of processing transactions with fast access to the best practices of your legal team

How we help your legal department be the best-run function in your organization

Well-adopted enterprise legal management software drives efficient collaboration with both internal stakeholders and your outside counsel, providing detailed legal data at your fingertips and ensuring maximum value to the entire organization. Mitratech’s reporting and analytics tools help your legal department access reliable, powerful, and real-time data for comprehensive reporting and even reconstruction.

The average end user of technology can lose up to an hour per week switching between disparate applications, navigating screens, and re-inputting information. Utilizing a proven, integrated solution saves your staff time and money. Our clients consistently save their organizations 5-10% annually using a unified approach to streamline invoice review, enforce terms of engagement with outside counsel, and optimize vendor selection, negotiation, and relationship management.

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

We can help you fulfill the demands of your legal department with power, yet easy-to-implement-and-adopt, software solutions by:

  • Supporting your existing business practices with fully configurable legal matter management and e-Billing software solutions, which are flexible enough to adapt to your team’s existing workflows and protocols
  • Administering the richest set of security and permission settings available for complete control and security, controlling visibility on a per-record and per-user basis
  • Gaining insight into matter status, budgets, tasks and appointments, documentation, involved parties, related matters, research, and reports utilizing a single, unified system of record
  • Translating manual and LEDES format invoices—used by law firms—automatically into a single, complete invoice form, standardizing the review process
  • Reducing over-payments and saving time because invoices are checked and automatically adjusted against approved rates, eliminating over-payment
  • Increasing collaboration within the legal team and with business users with the ability to check out and edit documents and check them back in—without having to save the file to the user’s desktop—while maintaining full version control
  • Supporting strategic decisions based on experience with usable, accessible data that helps firms optimize the mix of outside counsel, streamline processes, and improve outcomes with strategic analysis—increasing return on investment over time