Legal Hold Software Solutions for Corporations


A legal hold strategy ensures that potentially discoverable data is identified early on and not inadvertently deleted, reducing the cost of e-discovery and improving compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Each legal hold can involve multiple data sources and custodians – each of which must be notified and attest to compliance with the hold. And while many matters require legal hold, a small subset eventually require full e-discovery – making it wise to manage holds in conjunction with matter management.

Mitratech’s legal hold software solutions help legal staff create, maintain, and enforce a legal hold process that can withstand judicial scrutiny.

Legal Hold




TeamConnect‘s Legal Hold solution improves management consistency and enables oversight by staff attorneys, helping legal staff streamline multiple processes. Read our whitepaper to see how to establish a strong legal hold process without spending too much or causing disruption to regular business.

  • Identify matters requiring legal hold early in the matter lifecycle, reducing risk to the organization.
  • Select custodians using integration with an HR database. Users may also add nonemployee custodians.
  • Get visibility throughout the legal hold lifecycle and quickly pull documentation needed for court appearances, with powerful out-of-the-box reporting.
  • Send email notices to custodians and non-TeamConnect users, directing them to a secure site where they can attest to compliance and understanding of holds. TeamConnect’s Legal Hold also allows mobile access to recipient responses.
  • Get real-time tracking agreement and compliance.
  • Assert greater control of the discovery process by storing matter management and legal hold information in one central location.


Lawtrac’s Legal Hold solution preserves discoverable data, helping avoid court sanctions for noncompliance.

  • Record crucial data, including details, deadlines, and parameters; reason for a hold; types of documents to preserve; and personnel affected.
  • Automatically notify custodians once a hold is officially recorded. Document formal hold policies, procedures, and replies within Lawtrac’s matter-centric solution.
  • Monitor compliance with reminders sent periodically through Legal Hold. Each step in the compliance process is automatically recorded, creating an ongoing audit trail of the hold.
  • Increase efficiency by managing holds in the system of record, and including all material related to the matter.