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Mitratech’s Lawtrac offers a quick, easy, and powerful legal management solution that provides legal departments with an instant way to increase the efficiency of the existing legal team and reduce costs. With a modern and intuitive user interface, users will quickly adopt the technology and feel empowered by what Lawtrac can simply accomplish.


Organizations that select Lawtrac to manage their critical legal operations typically have not had a legal management solution in the past, and may be currently relying on disparate internal systems, applications, and spreadsheets to manage and track matters, invoices, and documents. By consolidating critical legal functions including matter management, e-Billing, document management, and reporting into a single integrated platform, Lawtrac quickly becomes the end-to-end system of record for the entire department.

How Lawtrac solved similar challenges for our clients

Legal departments are working to protect the company from risk, improve legal outcomes, reduce costs, and maintain the service levels that the rest of the organization has come to rely on. The time spent inputting data manually into multiple systems, searching for legal documents and contracts, and providing status updates to business users is preventing the team from taking on new challenges. Without a single system of record, legal teams lack basic visibility into legal spend, workload, and legal department metrics. Simple questions around the department’s budget, which law firms are currently being utilized, and how much matter work is currently in progress can be difficult to answer. As a result, the department is less responsive to providing the legal input needed on strategic decisions.

Lawtrac is easily implemented and configured, and provides clients with complete visibility into matter management and spend management data out-of-the-box, on day one. Lawtrac fits the growing needs of the legal department as a comprehensive, out-of-the-box legal management platform. The streamlined implementation, modern and intuitive user interface, and Mitratech’s dedicated experience in client success ensures that the legal department will realize maximum benefits in minimum time.

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Legal departments that implement Lawtrac are able to meet their goals of increased efficiency and reduced costs with:

  • Rapid Time to Value: Simple, intuitive templates for matter types, budgets and invoices, an easy-to-use outside firm selection tool, homepages, and a pre-packaged selection of over 100 reports ensures that the department is up and running quickly. With everyone on board in a short amount of time, processes and efficiencies can be put in place quickly to further increase the return on investment in legal technology.
  • Reduce outside counsel spend and streamline invoice review by using one of the most widely adopted e-Billing solutions on the market. Lawtrac seamlessly integrates with Collaborati, which has been deployed to over 12,000 law firms in 160 countries around the world.
  • Create the Single Source of Truth: By providing a single repository for all historical matter and spend information, users are easily able to pull reports and proactively identify trends–read how the University of Houston uses Lawtrac to drive value and reduce costs
  • Empower your legal department to be self-sufficient with Mitratech’s dedicated Hosting Services team by requiring no additional technical resources to manage your legal management solution

A very cost-effective solution…Phenomenal services and support. Just fantastic.

– United Technology