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Mitratech’s Lawtrac offers a quick, easy, and powerful matter management solution to provide your legal department a single source of truth for all legal functions. With a modern and intuitive user interface, your users will be empowered by the Lawtrac solution.


Organizations that select Lawtrac as their matter management solution typically:

  • Have legal teams with fewer than 20 users
  • Need a modern user interface that is easy to administrate and learn
  • Have not previously had a matter management system
  • Need a SaaS, hosted solution that is easy to deploy and maintain
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By consolidating critical legal functions such as matter management, e-Billing, legal hold, document management, and reporting into one integrated platform, Lawtrac is the end-to-end solution for your legal department.

Our clients faced the same challenges

Your legal department is working to improve outcomes and reduce costs with an efficient legal team. By using an incomplete matter management system or disparate point systems, your legal department lacks a centralized repository for all matter types, invoices and documents, which creates duplication of work and lost time switching between applications. Without a single system of record, you also lack visibility into legal spend, workload and legal department metrics. As a growing and evolving legal department, you work closely other parts of the organization and need to stay responsive to your business users. Lawtrac facilitates an easy, convenient and secure way to receive and route legal work from other departments and provide status updates to business users without all the phone calls and emails.

Your legal department needs an efficient and widely adopted solution to streamline processes and avoid missed deadlines. You also need a solution that is easily implemented and configured – and ultimately provides you with complete visibility into matter management and spend management data out-of-the-box, on day one.

How we help your legal department be the best-run function in your organization

Lawtrac fits the growing needs of your legal department as a comprehensive, front-loaded out-of-the-box matter management solution. The streamlined implementation, modern and intuitive user interface, and our dedicated experience in client success ensures that your legal department will realize maximum benefits in minimum time. Simple, intuitive templates for matter types, budgets and invoices, an easy-to-use outside firm selection tool, homepages and a pre-packaged selection of over 200 reports ensures your department is up and running quickly. With everyone on board in a short amount of time, processes and efficiencies can be put in place quickly to further increase Lawtrac’s value to your legal department.

As your legal department and your needs grow, Lawtrac will grow with you. Lawtrac offers a suite of add-on modules that require no customization or Services engagement; you are able to start using the modules as soon as they are turned on. This functionality puts your legal department in control.

Ultimately, Lawtrac enables you to be the best-run function in your organization by:

  • Helping you reduce outside counsel spend and streamline invoice review
  • Providing a single repository for all historical matter and spend information to easily pull reports and proactively identify trends–read how the University of Houston uses Lawtrac to drive value and reduce costs
  • Increasing staff efficiency and balancing workloads
  • Empowering your legal department to be self-sufficient by requiring no addition technical resources to manage your legal management solution
  • Lowering the time to value on your investment by implementing a highly adopted solution

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Matter Management
Centralize your legal operations and increase collaboration by:

  • Accessing all matter information, including matter status, involved parties, key events, calendaring, documents and tasks on one screen
  • Speeding efficiency gains with a modern and intuitive user interface for high user adoption
  • Structuring each matter to fit your practice area
  • Adding new modules easily to support expanded functionality while limiting implementation costs
  • Generating reports quickly and easily with a vast library of stand reports

Spend Management & e-Billing
Reduce legal department expenses and maximize outside counsel collaboration by:

  • Setting matter budgets at any time, then comparing to actual or customary spend for similar matters
  • Allowing outside counsel to directly update matter budgets through a unique view that exposes only the information the legal department needs
  • Eliminating virtually all billing disputes – the spend management and e-Billing solution detects any charge outside of predefined limits and sends problem invoices back to your outside counsel, so your legal department doesn’t receive an invoice until billing errors are corrected
  • Generating automatic notifications for invoice reviewers and approvers
  • Supporting basic AFAs out-of-the-box

Contract Management
Improve collaboration with business users through end-to-end contract lifecycle management by:

  • Reviewing, comparing, and tracking contracts with centralized document management
  • Allowing business users to check for updates, reducing inquiries to the legal team
  • Tracking key dates and sending automated notifications, ensuring time to approve contracts and review renewals – and protecting revenue

Document Management & Microsoft Office Integration
Streamline work process and increase user adoption by:

  • Indexing documents fully as soon as they are uploaded
  • Allowing users instant search capability once a document is uploaded
  • Controlling document versions automatically, including check-in and check-out capabilities

Reporting & Analytics
Gain insight into spend, workload allocation, firms, and outcomes to make quick, informed decisions by:

  • Accessing Lawtrac’s library of 200+ out-of-the-box reports
  • Configuring user dashboards to incorporate reports connected with each staff member’s work and provide answers to pressing daily questions
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