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Law Firms

As the legal services environment continues to evolve, your firm is faced with corporate clients who are demanding ever-greater transparency and value. Adapting to this change means your law firm must continually evaluate your use of technology solutions to stay ahead of their competitors, win more business, and secure ongoing profitability – without sacrificing efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Software Solutions


Mitratech’s e-Billing solution, built to support your inside counsel relationships, enhance collaboration, optimize productivity, and speed up the invoice payment process used by over 12,000 law firms and vendors in 160 countries.


Viewabill promotes collaboration between your firm and clients by enabling secure access to matter time entries in near real time, giving your firm a differentiating level of transparency to work in progress and a way to communicate value. With Viewabill, your firm has access to robust reporting and dashboards to ensure you are providing the best value to your client.


A comprehensive policy management solution allows your firm to create, review, distribute and report on policies throughout their lifecycle to all employees, and protect the firm’s revenue and reputation.