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Heavy Manufacturing

Heavy Manufacturing

Manufacturers are undeniably in the midst of a technological revolution that is transforming the look, systems, and processes of the modern factory. With the increase in regulations – including the EPA and OSHA to name a few – industrial manufacturing companies cannot afford to ignore this revolution. By embracing technology to aid in the transformation, you can improve productivity in your own plants, increase differentiators to heighten competitive advantage, and maintain an edge with customers who are also looking for innovation. Mitratech’s solutions allow manufacturers to manage legal, compliance, and operational risk, keeping employees and factories safe, while staying ahead of the curve.

Software Solutions


The health and safety of your employees is critical to your success. Learn about the technology Mitratech’s manufacturers clients rely on to build safer, fully compliant working environments.


Our technology helps clients prevent incidents from occurring in the first place by analyzing and mitigating potential risks. If an incident does occur, our solutions allow our clients to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents before they escalate and have significant consequences.


Manufacturers need to comply with many complex, ever-changing regulations from the EPA and OSHA. Our solutions provide the compliance and reporting capabilities needed by groups managing obligations and responding to the evolving regulatory environment.


Your legal team is managing manufacturing standards, product liability, and consumer safety across the globe. Having the right tools to control legal spend, report on litigation risks and outcomes, and ensuring your legal compliance are critical to your company’s success.


Our clients use audit and assessment technology to perform audits – such as ISO – on equipment in the factory, creating the consistent process needed to improve quality, safety, and results.


With policy management, your organization ensures complete policy attestation on the floor or in the office. Our solution stores and manages your health and safety, quality, and environmental data and maintains a 100% audit-ready archive.