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Government Case Management

Whether you’re a local, state, or federal legal department or agency, matter and case management is critical to your staff of attorneys, administrators and specialists. Mitratech provides the most trusted matter and case management solutions that enable the institution to be more efficient, productive, and responsive to constituents, reducing the backlog of work while ensuring consistency and collaboration.

Government Case Management

Our clients faced the same challenges

A matter and case management solution for government agencies is often the core information system for the agency, and can be used by a multitude of users in different departments and groups. Bringing the parties together in a collaborative workspace, where everyone knows their specific tasks, can greatly enhance the efficiency of the staff and the quality of the work that is generated. Many agencies use a matter and case management solution to run specific governmental functions that require project management and compliance, making the entire agency run more efficiently.

Mitratech’s matter and case management solution has solved similar government client challenges by:

  • Completing reports on time and with confidence—outdated functionality can mean the loss of data, putting reports that rely on historical records at risk (when data quality is unreliable, decisions are made on faulty assumptions)
  • Standardizing the workflow and approval process so that the proper steps are followed by the staff each time, reducing institutional risk
  • Handling the many types of requests that a public institution might receive
  • Integrating teams from different parts of the agency for secure collaboration within a single system of record that captures the relevant fields, contacts, documents and information without the need to search disparate systems

How we help your legal department be the best-run function in your organization

Mitratech offers solutions for case and matter management for any size institution to  standardize workflows and create a single system of record.  Our products are intuitive and reliable, and can integrate with additional applications ensuring a high user adoption and retention rate.

A matter and case management solution enables you to be the best-run function in your organization by:

  • Streamlining daily workflows and saving time and effort
  • Finding the information you are looking for quickly with easy search options
  • Providing a hub to house the materials needed to manage cases and requests
  • Ensuring adoption by all staff with a user-friendly interface
  • Enhancing interdepartmental and external collaboration with portals, real-time notifications and alerts

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

We can help you fulfill the demands of your legal department with a powerful, yet easy-to-implement-and-adopt, software solution by:

  • Managing a portfolio of multiple record types for matters, entity requests, and event records for a single group or thousands of users across the agency
  • Developing FOIA request systems, investigation and evidence tracking systems, and public intake systems
  • Defining rules-based work processes and notifications, and automating document production
  • Maintaining all entity information in a centralized database with full search capabilities
  • Creating custom reports easily