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GettingContractsDone (GCD) was designed specifically for busy departments of all sizes seeking to manage contract creation, processing and execution with a powerful, yet easy-to-use and implement, contract management solution.


Organizations that typically select GCD as their contract management solution are:

  • Small groups that need a seamless way to receive and work on contracts from any number of business stakeholders
  • Legal teams that only need a system for their transactional (non-litigation) matters
  • Organizations that require a single system of record to store historical contracts and generate reminders around milestones and renewal dates
  • Contract teams that want a way to easily collaborate using a hosted solution

Our clients faced the same challenges

Your contract processors need a secure space to receive work and collaborate as a team. Currently, contracts are stored in multiple places and sometimes the latest version is waiting in someone’s email inbox. The team worries about what might fall through the cracks, and high-cost missteps, while the business requires transparency, risk mitigation, and compliance with negotiated terms.

GCD was built to alleviate those concerns and address the unmet needs of these busy professionals. GCD allows you to relax, know it’s all there, and that you will be able to find what you need quickly, whenever you need it.

How we help your department be the best-run function in your organization

GCD allows you to work smarter with efficient contract management and relays the information to your stakeholders faster. You can capture necessary data fields from contracts to minimize time wasted and ensure accurate deadline management so that you never miss a due date. You avoid mistakes by guaranteeing that users open the latest version while still having the ability to access prior versions.

This easy, full-featured contract management software reduces risk and affirms transparency and compliance by:

  • Reducing the risk of contract terms, milestones, or renewals being missed
  • Hastening the process of finalizing contracts
  • Increasing collaboration with internal stakeholders

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

GCD helps you fulfill your contract demands with a powerful, yet easy to implement and adopt, software solution by:

  • Customizing your field names to capture the data your company cares about
  • Gaining secure access to your contracts from anywhere, any time
  • Scanning contracts directly to your GCD inbox
  • Preserving work directly to GCD via a plugin, without leaving Microsoft Word or Outlook
  • Saving time with electronic signature and routing
  • Reviewing contracts and documents with full-text search, highlighting relevant text for quick and accurate review
  • Managing standard contract templates
  • Gaining visibility with custom reports, dashboard reporting, and saved searches, with the ability to export searches to Excel
  • Providing secure user access
“GCD provides exactly what we need for our legacy document management. Customer support is the best I have come across. For corporate legal departments, this is a wonderful product.”
Debbie Litteken