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Financial Services

Financial Services

The financial services and banking sectors have recently gone through the most tumultuous business and operational changes in 80 years. Global stress in banking systems forced dramatic changes in operating practices and accountability as the sector became subject to stringent regulation. Legal and compliance professionals within these companies may be assigned to trading desks, managing claims or negotiations, or overseeing compliance with regulations such as FINRA, Dodd-Frank or FCA rules of conduct. Mitratech provides the financial services solutions needed to service groups across the organization within centrally managed solutions to ensure that operational efficiency and compliance is maximized while risk is reduced.

Software Solutions


Overcome a fractured systems landscape and take advantage of one of your greatest assets, information, by compiling data in a way that allows business users to make efficient strategic decisions while ensuring information in protected and managed in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Financial institutions have deep compliance needs that fluctuate by geographical region. Our solutions allow compliance teams to track and collaborate on regulations, define obligations and controls, and implement the process needed to reduce violations and regulatory fines.


Statutory and regulatory obligations demand clear end-to-end control of the enterprise risk management processes. Our risk management solutions present a consistent shared view of enterprise risks, ensuring exposures are addressed and minimalized.


Financial services organizations use our technology to consolidate legal operations, create a single source of truth for matters and create a framework for vendor negotiations to reduce legal spend.


With a constantly evolving regulatory environment it is important that all employees can easily access, understand and adhere to the latest policies that impact their specific role and geography.