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Environmental Health & Safety

Faced with an increasingly regulated business environment with ever stricter laws and regulations, it is important to the success of every organization to ensure that solid EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) process is an integrated part of business operations. Whether an organization is working in dangerous environments, across multiple geographies, or in remote locations, meeting moral and regulatory obligations through continuous monitoring is necessary to avoid the types of incidents that can devastate the bottom line and cause irreversible reputational damage.

Many organizations still manage their EHS data via paper forms, multiple spreadsheets or databases constructed by internal IT resources. These solutions make it difficult to be proactive, as reports are often assessed after the fact, data is incomplete, and the root cause of incidents is difficult to determine. There is a better way. No matter where an organization is with Environmental Health & Safety management today, there are best practices and technology available that improve the safety of employees and their workplace environments.

Environmental Health & Safety

Take the time to explore the six stages of EHS maturity using this independent study produced by independent EHS analyst firm Verdantix on behalf of Mitratech’s CMO Compliance, to see how you measure up.

How environmental health & safety management solved similar challenges for our clients

Companies are driven to protect the health and safety of their most important asset: their employees. Environmental health and safety requires engagement of the workforce, with team members embracing corporate health and safety objectives as their own. A key step to achieving the workforce participation is a simple yet powerful health and safety management solution for inspections and assessments of the workplace, logging and managing findings, and creating a consistent process for reporting incidents. It must be easy to access, easy to use, and provide valuable real time information to health and safety professionals.

We share our clients’ commitment to building safer, better-regulated working environments. By implementing and utilizing our EHS management solution, our clients proactively manage the risk of dangerous and costly incidents occurring. Safety incidents can adversely affect a company’s long term profitability by damaging reputation through loss of life and/or damage to the environment, and our clients proactively mitigate those risks.

Mitratech’s industry leading Environmental Health and Safety solution allows organizations to:

  • Automate the Process: Streamline existing processes to decrease time spent on data collection and aggregation, which increases staff efficiency while enabling more predictable and repeatable outcomes
  • Mitigate Regulatory Risk: Track, collaborate and respond to regulatory changes faster with the flexibility to create and update the solution without coding or scripting, decreasing noncompliance incidents and fines
  • Reduce Operational Risk: Get real insights from EHS and GRC data to make better decisions and drive continuous improvement, reducing incidents and accidents within a culture of safety