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Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities industry has been undergoing a transformation for the past decade as the forces of competition and regulation have directly impacted business results, leading to frequent acquisitions and divestitures. The liabilities of unforeseen developments can be unusually large, and the tools for identifying and mitigating risk are extremely important. Mitratech’s products allow energy and utility companies to manage legal, compliance, and operational risk, keeping employees and assets safe while aligning process to strategic goals.

Software Solutions


The health and safety of your employees is a critical part of your culture. Learn about the technology Mitratech’s energy and utility clients rely on to build safer, better-regulated working environments.


Our technology allows clients to respond quickly and efficiently to incidents before they escalate and have significant consequences. Prevent incidents from occurring in the first place by analyzing and mitigating potential risks ahead of time.


Energy and utility companies need to comply with a myriad of regulations including FERC, EPA, and OSHA. Our solutions provide the compliance and reporting capabilities needed by groups managing obligations and responding to the evolving regulatory environment.


Your legal team is managing real estate disputes, energy exploration and pipeline agreements, contracts, and interactions with local regulators in multiple geographies. Having the right tools to control legal spend, make smarter choices in the selection of outside counsel, and collaborate on matters directly impacts your bottom line.


Our clients use audit and assessment technology to perform API and ISO audits on equipment providers in the field, creating the consistent process needed to improve quality and results.