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eCounsel offers a reliable Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution for mid-size legal departments, which is intuitive for both end users and administrators, and provides enough flexibility for legal departments to change and grow over time.


Organizations that select eCounsel as their Enterprise Legal Management solution typically have mid-sized legal teams and need a SaaS hosted solution that is easy to deploy and maintain. Most of our clients require a matter management and e-Billing solution that can grow over time and does not need to be replaced as the demands of their legal department evolve and grow. By providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy enterprise legal management solution that is the central hub of all critical legal functions, eCounsel drives value to the entire organization.

How eCounsel solved similar challenges for our clients

Legal departments are faced with an ever-increasing workload and increased budget scrutiny. As the organization grows, it becomes harder to scale and manage business with existing staff. An ELM solution to streamline processes, automate manual tasks, and reduce legal department spend—all while being user-friendly and highly adopted—is vital.

eCounsel allows legal teams to be in complete control of their information, delivering integrated matter management, e-Billing, reporting and analytics, and complete document management designed specifically for the legal department. Once they are able to capture and track everything, the department can readily identify patterns and trends from a single source. As a result, attorneys can easily stay on top of all the legal work being performed and ensure that nothing falls between the cracks. Users are able to quickly create reports to demonstrate compliance and stay on top of workload to help the organization avoid risk, not just respond to it. In addition, a unified matter management and e-Billing solution helps the legal department avoid overpayment and control costs with sophisticated rules to enforce billing guidelines.

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Ultimately, eCounsel enables the legal department to be the best-run function in the organization by:

  • Being purpose-built for mid-sized legal teams. Combining powerful, integrated ELM with the flexibility to grow with the legal team as size and needs evolve.

    We built eCounsel, not for where we are today, but where we want to be in the future.

    Independent Order of Foresters Case Study

  • Increasing the strategic direction of the legal department. With a single source of truth, teams can facilitate collaboration and trust by providing clients and business partners the information they need, when they need it. They can also take advantage of built-in reporting and analysis tools to leverage content-rich information for improved strategic planning and resource allocations.
  • Reducing outside legal spend. eCounsel accommodates a broad range of service providers with varying electronic invoicing capabilities by allowing both LEDES-compliant invoice uploads and manual invoice entry, while ensuring billing guidelines are enforced consistently. Importantly, eCounsel eliminates duplicate payments and notifying firms when invoices are paid and provides a historical record of invoices, payments, and vendor performance.

    The data from eCounsel provides us with a thorough view of spend for each law firm and matter. Being informed at this detailed level has really helped us improve our cost efficiency.

    CDW Case Study