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Mitratech's eCounsel offers a reliable legal management solution for mid-sized legal departments, which is intuitive for both end users and administrators, and provides enough flexibility for your legal departments to change and grow over time.

eCounsel – Sidebar Qualifier

By providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy legal management solution that is the central hub of all critical legal functions, eCounsel drives value to the entire organization.


Our clients faced the same challenges

Your legal department is faced with an ever-increasing workload and increased budget scrutiny. As the organization grows, it becomes harder to scale and manage business with your existing staff. You need a solution to streamline processes, automate manual tasks, and reduce your legal department spend—all while being user-friendly and highly adopted.

eCounsel allows you to be in complete control of your information, delivering integrated matter management, e-Billing, reporting and analytics, and complete document management designed specifically for the legal department. The administrative power is put in your hands with configuration tools that facilitate the solution while maturing with your department without incurring additional cost. Ultimately, eCounsel enables your legal department to be the best-run function in your organization.

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How we help your legal department be the best-run function in your organization

Once you are able to capture and track everything you and your department are working on, the department can readily identify patterns and trends from a single source. As a result, your attorneys can easily stay on top of all the legal work begin performed and ensure that nothing falls between the cracks. You are able to quickly create reports to demonstrate compliance and stay on top of your workload to help your organization avoid risk, not just respond to it. In addition, a unified matter management and e-Billing solution helps your legal department avoid overpayment and control costs with sophisticated rules to enforce billing guidelines.

Increase staff efficiency by:

  • Facilitating collaboration and trust by providing your clients and business partners the information they need, when they need it
  • Providing the system of record that attorneys need for research and historical context
  • Generating dynamic legal documents using data from your matter records and managing documents with a structure designed specifically with legal in mind
  • Utilizing built-in reporting and analysis tools to leverage content-rich information for improved strategic planning and resource allocations

Reduce legal spend by:

  • Accommodating a broad range of service providers with varying electronic invoicing capabilities by allow both LEDES-compliant invoice uploads and manual invoice entry, while ensuring billing guidelines are enforced consistently
  • Eliminating duplicate payments and notifying firms when invoices are paid
  • Reducing the IT costs associated with maintaining existing systems and answering support calls and questions

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The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

Matter Management
Increase legal staff efficiency with a versatile legal management software by:

  • Storing all related matter information in one central, secure location
  • Facilitating high user adoption and greater efficiency with a modern, intuitive interface
  • Managing internal workloads and selectively outsourcing matters for maximum efficiency
  • Using on-demand tabs and fields to create custom data entry screens
  • Updating, viewing, and sharing information anytime, anywhere from the web

Reduce legal department expenses and maximize outside counsel collaboration by:

  • Supporting all popular LEDES formats, including managing foreign bills and taxes on fees and expenses electronically with multi-currency, LEDES 98BI, and VAT support
  • Approving and posting multiple invoices at one time
  • Linking with outside counsel for input and collaboration by giving firm administrators access to invoice status

Document Management
Streamline work process and increase user adoption by:

  • Recognizing text when scanning (OCR)
  • Allowing users instant search capability from Microsoft Outlook
  • Controlling versions automatically, including version compare with full check-in and check-out capability
  • Generating dynamic legal documents using templates such as retention letters and NDAs
  • Preserving matter-level security on documents
  • Archiving files for long-term preservation

Reporting & Analytics
Gain insight into spend, workload allocation, firms, and outcomes to make quick, informed decisions by:

  • Reducing time spent generating reports with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Employing reporting capabilities that include self-service reporting, report filters, an prompts
  • Creating reports with multi-dimensional charts and graphs
  • Exporting to Excel or PDF

“eCounsel’s configurability and long-term development roadmap, coupled with their desire to help us succeed, enabled us to achieve tremendous cost savings from day one of implementation.”
Dan Williams