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Corporate Governance

An organization's board of directors is central to corporate governance, and its relationship to shareholders and management is critical. The Office of the Corporate Secretary exists to bridge a gap, advising the Board of Directors on their legal responsibilities and ensuring regulatory compliance, while managing governance structures and mechanisms, corporate conduct within specific environments, as well as board, shareholder and trustee meetings. Unintended compliance errors can place a business at risk, and missing filing deadlines can be costly.

Corporate Governance

How our corporate governance solutions solved similar challenges for our clients

Good corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of a company’s many stakeholders and enables the board of directors to make and communicate strategic decisions.

By utilizing an entity management solution, the Corporate Secretary can simplify the management of the corporate legal structure and lifecycle of corporate entities, and easily identify the scope of affected organizational entities. Tracking all corporate entity information in one place turns the Corporate Secretary into a profitable unit of the organization by allowing them to:

  • Manage entity records and documents to ensures compliance with government regulations concerning the Board and corporate entities
  • Schedule the Board of Director and annual shareholder meetings, and centrally store the meeting minutes
  • Create an editable library of standard resolutions and entity subsidiary hierarchy charts
  • Track shareholder inquiries and responses

Another primary element of a comprehensive corporate governance program is a Policy Management solution that helps companies document, distribute, and track attestation to the guiding principles of the Board. Additionally, it creates a defensible program to avoid scandals that can create irreparable damage to reputation and company value including:

  • Code of Conduct by Role
  • Insider Trading Policy
  • Diversity Policy
  • Disclosure Policy

Mitratech’s Corporate Governance solutions allow organizations to:

  • Decrease compliance risk by monitoring and tracking the critical events related to entities and receiving reminders for important dates and regulatory deadlines
  • Create a defensible program by increasing awareness while gaining agreement and attestation from employees on core policies as outlined by the board of directors and leadership team
  • Streamline the efficiency of administrative tasks for the Corporate Secretary and the staff that has to track entity structure, records, and meetings
  • Decrease inquiries by creating a secure way for stakeholders to access and view entity information