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Compliance Manager

Mitratech’s Compliance Manager is a leading solution for enterprise-wide Health and Safety needs. With a robust web-based platform, and mobile solutions for both iOS and Windows, Compliance Manager offers a simple, intuitive interface for employees, increasing their adherence to procedures, improving health and safety outcomes, and ultimately protecting an organization's most valuable asset: employees.

Compliance Manager



Organizations that select Mitratech’s Compliance Manager for Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) are frequently in heavily regulated industries where operational risk is high, such as Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, Shipping, Mining, Construction, and Retail. Typically these companies have implemented health and safety measures, but the process is manual or reliant on disparate applications that users do not fully adopt, resulting in an incomplete assessment of risk. These organizations lack the central, complete view of operations needed to implement proactive improvements, often reacting after a costly incident occurs.

How Compliance Manager solved similar challenges for our clients

Our clients ensure the safety of their employees, and Compliance Manager makes it easy for health and safety professionals to manage inspections, assessments, and incidents by staying ahead of complex organizational regulatory, and audit compliance requirements. Having accessible tools for employees to report incidents and accidents at any time empowers them to be responsible for their own safety and that of others, resulting in a culture of safety where operational performance is improved while accidents, injuries, and, fatalities are all reduced. International organizations such as Barrick Gold, Xstrata, and Shell all use Compliance Manager to manage their EHS process in order to drive operational excellence, reduce risk and costs throughout the organization.

The Compliance Manager platform has the power to store and process large quantities of data, keeping records confidential and up-to-date. Regardless of the part of the world you are operating in, our solution has the flexibility to meet national and international EHS requirements, such as facilitating compliance with OSHA inspections and reporting. Regulatory requirements can be managed proactively with reminders and actions performed automatically by the system, mitigating non-compliance and the associated fines.

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

With Mitratech’s experience in complex implementations at leading organizations and long-term partnerships with clients, organizations are up and running in no time with Compliance Manager’s best practice configuration that:

  • Continuously measures and analyzes high risk workplaces to minimize the risk to employees
  • Deploys an industry-leading technology platform with extensive workflow, integration, and configuration capabilities
  • Increases adoption by providing multi-lingual EHS across multiple device types with the ability to record records offline to sync later, encouraging the recording of more accidents and incidents
  • Provides a unified EHS/GRC solution that replaces multiple point applications, allowing for consolidated analysis and reporting for management, inspections, audits and assessments.