Mitratech Client Referral Program


Mitratech is continuously implementing new programs to show our appreciation for our clients. The Client Referral Program was designed to reward Mitratech clients for telling their peers that are interested in evaluating a new system about Mitratech's products*.

Client Referral Program

If the referred company signs a contract with a minimum annual revenue, the client receives a credit worth two months of their annual maintenance and subscription fee. There is a maximum limit of six referrals per year, but that means a Mitratech client could have one free year of maintenance/subscription*. The following year, standard fees would apply. However, the program resets, giving them another opportunity for one free year of maintenance/subscription.

In order to qualify for the program, the client simply emails their Account Executive and the Mitratech Marketing team that they made the referral.

*Some exceptions apply. Please contact your Account Executive for full details.