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Legal departments and law firms need a comprehensive e-Billing solution to support their relationships, enhance collaboration, optimize productivity, and speed up the payment process. Collaborati is the global e-Billing solution used by over 11,000 law firms and vendors in 160 countries around the world to submit electronic invoices, collaborate on budgets, submit timekeeper information and firm rates to the over 750 corporate clients using Mitratech’s legal management solutions. Collaborati e-Billing reduces inquiries and disputes, improves firm cash flows, and works domestically and internationally with industry-best security standards.


Organizations that use Collaborati include:

  • Law firms, investigators, independent claims adjustors, expert witnesses and any other vendor who is approved to send electronic invoices to the legal departments of our corporate clients
  • Firms that want a solution that continually delivers innovative ways to collaborate with corporate legal with dedicated support resources , high security, and a comprehensive set of e-Billing features

Our clients faced the same challenges

Your corporate clients are under increased scrutiny to cut costs and work more efficiently with their firms. Your firm needs to use electronic billing in order to expedite the payment process and comply with client requirements and expectations. Utilizing an e-Billing solution won’t transform your relationship overnight, but it does create the opportunity to streamline current processes, cut costs, and increase revenue. By providing invoices in standard LEDES formats, electronically delivering timekeeper information and rates , and reducing the amount of bill review and inquires for corporate legal, your law firm is better positioned and ranked higher by your inside counsel clients.

How we help set your firm apart

Over 11,000 firms and vendors already use Collaborati to submit invoices in more than 160 countries around the world, including 100% of the Am Law 200 and Global 100. Collaborati is one of the most heavily adopted and well-known e-Billing solutions in the market, and has been steadily growing at over 25% per year since its inception in 2007.

When law firms use Collaborati, value is created by:

  • Hastening the payment process over emailed or paper invoices
  • Reducing the number of invoice disputes and decreasing overall write offs
  • Receiving direct updates and notifications from Collaborati rather than making unnecessary inquiries and waiting on responses from your corporate clients
  • Getting dedicated support from Mitratech and provisioning multilingual support for international firms
  • Supplying and updating the basic profile and rates for your firm’s timekeepers electronically

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

As the leading e-Billing solution in the market, Collaborati allows you to:

  • Submit any LEDES invoice format automatically
  • Attach supporting documentation
  • Send timekeeper profiles and rates
  • Receive dedicated multilingual support by a focused support team
  • Configure notifications when the status of an invoice or budget changes
  • Search and export invoices, matters, and more

Additional advanced features are available based on which of Mitratech’s legal management platforms the corporate client uses. These features include:

  • Creating, sending, and collaborating matter budgets
  • Sending alternative invoice types to satisfy AFA arrangements
  • Sending appeals back to the legal department when line items have been adjusted or rejected to decrease write offs
  • Bidding on legal work through tendering process
  • Processing multiple currencies easily, including line-item-level taxes for international VAT