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Claims Litigation

The claims functions within your organization create a large volume of repetitive matters that escalate to potential litigation. We can help your claims groups run as smoothly and efficiently as possible through an end-to-end legal claims solution that standardizes the process and reduces the claims lifecycle. Mitratech’s experienced staff has successfully implemented solutions for managing claims for the majority of the top P&C insurance companies and manufacturers in the world.

Claims Litigation

How claims management solved similar challenges for our clients

Your claims system might be meeting all of your input needs, but is probably not integrated with a solution that provides an easy method of passing that information to internal litigation groups or outside counsel. By keeping the tracking, reporting, automated calendaring, and spend information in a single claims management solution, your claims managers and administrators will have a bird’s-eye view of the entire claims management process while being able to dig into the details when necessary.

Mitratech’s claims management solution has solved similar client challenges by:

  • Coupling core matter management software with reporting and analytics, increasing fraud detection and allowing for early case assessment—integration automates the handoff of disputed claims between the adjustor and the legal department, protecting data loss
  • Diminishing claims expense cost and risk
  • Reducing overall risk of making calendaring—and deadline—related errors (a leading cause of malpractice actions against lawyers)

How we help your claims department be the best-run function in your organization

An automated claims management solution integrates all tasks, documents, deadlines, and workflows associated with a disputed claim to a single, easy-to-access online location. Daily tasks are eased and will work across disparate systems to manage claims litigation matters, and related outside counsel expenses are eliminated – thus increasing user adoption. Cost savings are realized as information flows in a more controlled, centralized way.

A claims management solution enables you to be the best-run function in your organization by:

  • Calculating deadlines automatically, thus reducing the time spent researching rules and calculating deadlines from nearly two hours to less than five minutes per matter
  • Reducing the unnecessarily high cost of defending a disputed claim by eliminating sub-optimal information sharing processes and inefficient manual processes being done in disparate systems
  • Providing stakeholders greater and more streamlined access to critical information they need to resolve the disputed claim in a shorter cycle time
  • Pulling data directly from claims records to create legal documents quickly and supporting corporate paperless initiatives with dynamic legal document templates
  • Reducing losses and fraudulent claims when stakeholders collaborate through a collection of integrated technologies, and discovering patterns and best practices through data analysis

claims management workflow

The tools to help you thrive in challenging situations

We can help you fulfill the demands of your claims department with a powerful, yet easy-to-implement-and-adopt, software solution by:

  • Enhancing collaboration and creating a single system of record for adjustors, panel attorneys, and outside counsel firms that are tracking and handling litigated claims
  • Integrating smoothly with your claims system
  • Automating any existing process with a powerful workflow and engine rules
  • Reporting in real time, showing administrators overall workload and claim status
  • Collaborating seamlessly through group-specific rights and privileges, allowing claims adjustors and outside counsel to work directly with staff counsel
  • Calculating immediately all associated deadlines by registering a matter and selecting a jurisdiction and trigger data—automatically pushing all associated tasks, appointments, and updates to associated attorney calendars
  • Maximizing team efficiency through bi-directional, real-time integration with your claims system or payment centers