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Audits & Assessments

Audit management is becoming increasingly challenging, given the growing complexity of regulations and requirements impacting businesses, as well as the number and types of audits that need to be conducted. Organizations across industry sectors are increasingly realizing that point solutions and spreadsheet-based systems are too reactive, and no longer suitable for managing internal audit programs that need to be complete and defensible.

Additionally, risk managers are now recognizing the significant impact that the assessment of audit data can have in terms of continual improvement and quality control, which both directly impact profits, and are taking an enterprise-wide approach to proactively managing problems before incidents occur. Organizations regulated by the FDA or those following standards such as ISO are ahead of the curve, as they are required to follow external mandates on quality management, and seek to lower the risk of non-compliance across their operations to prevent interruptions in production and fines.

Audits & Assessments

How audits & assessment management solved similar challenges for our clients

Auditors are expected to see risks before they ever happen and prevent them to protect company revenue and assets. Their focus is on creating strategies that improve quality and compliance, but that is difficult when significant time is spent collecting paper reports, manually inputting information, and updating spreadsheets for assessments.

Our clients rely on our leading Audit & Assessment management solution to support the entire end-to-end process, from audit planning, scheduling, and execution, to reporting, risk assessment, and remediation.

Shell Oil Company implemented our solution for the company’s globally dispersed team of auditors, who perform API and ISO audits on thousands of vendors all over the world. Their choice of technology needed to be simple to use, given the number of employees and contractors in remote locations that would need to access the system. In addition, the solution needed to provide Shell personnel with the ability to manage events from iPads and iPhones while in the field, often without reliable internet access. Because our solution met all of these needs, Shell is saving both time and money while providing a comprehensive organization-wide audit management solution to manage critical processes out in the field.

Our audit & assessment management solution allows organizations to:

  • Increase Efficiency: Automating the workflow and steps in the audit & assessment lifecycle allows organizations to improve operational performance.
  • Reduce Operational Risk: Managing findings and non-compliance areas, as well as the associated actions to remediate them, is critical to a comprehensive audit & assessment management solution, and is key to reducing costs.
  • Audit Accuracy and Completeness: Capturing, distributing and tracking audits, assessments, actions and other issues in real-time with a solution that follows employees where they work and includes secure mobile applications ensures that records are complete and audits are part of a defensible compliance program.