Pharmaceutical and Enterprise Matter Management Solutions


In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, compliance risks complicate the entire product lifecycle. Pharmaceutical companies must proactively manage compliance pressures to protect against significant financial penalties, product withdrawals, operational shutdowns, and damaged reputations. They must also tackle counterfeiters, gray markets, and patent trolls to protect corporate profit margins and R&D investments. Many of our brand- and consumer-oriented clients use Mitratech to validate and defend claims of efficacy, as well as to defend against counterfeiting.



  • Legal department matters originate from many sources. These companies need a legal management solution with strong integration across systems, to protect and access valuable information. For example, new disputes such as filed litigation complaints could come from either a service or process integration. Intellectual property cases might come from patent tracking systems, while customer complaints could come through internal response teams. Regardless of source, matter templates can be configured to include all information a legal department needs to create and assign the matter seamlessly and consistently.
  • IP and patent systems lack e-Billing capabilities. In bigger consumer product companies, a large amount of work is handled by outside counsel. Yet the vast majority of standalone IP and patent systems lack the vendor management, budgeting, and invoicing capabilities required to understand and control expenses. Many clients have used Mitratech’s solutions to ensure smooth integrations with IP systems and manage legal spend, while information is passed to and from the IP system to ensure complete records.
  • Proactive management of diverse enterprise risks strengthens brand assets and consumer confidence. Legal, compliance, and security concerns demand systematic risk management to protect consumer health and ensure profitability. Many consumer brand organizations integrate Mitratech’s solutions with their branding processes for new products, while several of our pharmaceutical clients use Mitratech software to gain visibility into counterfeiting incidents; manage informant security; and collaborate with enforcement agencies on seizures, raids, and arrests.

To learn more about how Mitratech helped Express Scripts manage compliance, download the case study.

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